For Men Who Want Total Devotion From A New Girl...

“How To Blow A Girl's Mind
The First Night You Have Sex With

If You Can Give A Girl An Intense, Full-Body Orgasm
The First Time You Sleep With Her She'll Be YOURS Forever...
And GIVE YOU SEX Whenever And However You Want!

By Shawna
Adult film star &
very experienced
pleaser of women =)

By: Shawna Lenee, Creator of 2 Girls Teach Sex

Dear Friend,

Have you ever heard the phrase "first impressions are everything"?

Have you ever been nervous about the first time you get sexual with a new girl ? (or even the first date)

Have you even wondered if you did everything right the first time with a new girl ?

Have you ever wondered if she enjoyed it or if you were better than her past boyfriends (or even husband) ?

If you have then I don't blame you. As a woman I can tell you how nervous I get, and compared to a guy

I don't even have to "perform" =)

As a guy, you have it a bit rougher. Women DO judge a new lover and nothing turns off a woman faster

than a guy who can't please her. And it's not JUST about orgasms it's about the entire sexual experience

and how a guy makes his new girl FEEL.

Us women are highly EMOTIONAL (I bet you knew that..hehehe) and if the entire sexual experience didn't feel right we don't want to get involved with a guy.

Many women will stop returning phone calls or make up excuses about how they "got busy."

But this doesn't NEED to happen.....AND...

I'm not saying you are not good in the bedroom!!!

I'm just sayin' that if you are a with a new girl for the first time most guys are pretty much clueless. ;)

I'm also not going to say that all women are the same but I will tell you that the first time you are with a new girlit is totally different for YOU and for HER than being with a familiar lover.

As a woman, who is extremely sexually active :), I want to share with you a few things about the first time with a new lover that ALL women feel:

Female Fact About First Time Sex # 1

If you don't make us happy the first time...there probably will NEVER be a 2nd Time.

Many guys think that it is ok if they aren't good the first time in bed. Not true!

You see, the first time with a girl is actually the MOST IMPORTANT time that you need to make her happy.


Because how you perform in bed the first time is one of the only ways that she can measure you as a man. For women, we want to feel safe and protected by our man. We want to know that he can take care of our needs. If you don't make us feel comfortable, feel an emotional connection (which you have to know how to do the FIRST TIME), and give us orgasms we are simply not impressed.

MAYBE we'll give you a second shot but you really have to work your way back in and we will defietely be seeing other guys too.

If you don't make us feel happy the first time, it sends a deep signal to us that "this guy can't take care of me."

It's not TOTALLY logical but we don't have ANY other ways to make a very personal judgement. Any guy can buy use dinner or take us out on a date, but the guy that can make us orgasm over and over the first time, now HE is someone special :)

This type of guy is very rare and HE is the guy we just want to be with, on ANY terms!

Female Fact about First Time Sex # 2

Giving Your Girl An Orgasm the FIRST TIME is not about "Size or Stamina", it's about "Sexual Chemistry"!

Many guys think that if they get on top and pound away their new lover will be very excited and come over and over for them.

You CAN turn us girls into silly putty in your arms as we come over and over pounding away like a machine is not the way.

To be fair, it is really hard for a man to "know this" without a woman telling him...

You see, for women, the first time is all about "sexual chemistry"

Check out what we read or the shows that we watch :)

Take Cosmopolitan Magazine or the television show "Sex in the City". Whenever women TALK about new lovers that were amazing we always talk about the "sexual chemistry."

To put it plain and simple for you silly boys:

Sexual Chemistry the first time is all about you saying the right things in bed the first time, using the right positions, and going from the date to the bedroom SMOOTHLY and naturally. When you do those things right, we surrender our bodies, minds and our orgasms to you.

Let's keep going :)

Female Fact about First Time Sex # 3

If you don't GET to the Sex the right way we have already CHECKED OUT before it begins!

Women, when with a new lover JUDGE everything. Yes of course we judge you...just as you look at us

to make sure we are pretty and treat you like you want to be treated.

But beyond looking to make sure they aren't excessive nose hairs (hehe) we are really judging HOW you get us to the sex.

If you don't do foreplay right (and remember guys , foreplay is NOT us giving you a blowjob!) by the time you are inside us we CAN'T come. You just haven't warmed us up right with your words, your touches, and the steps you took to get us naked !

When you don't follow what women consider the "natural" path from a date to sex we feel awkward and

self conscious. And when we feel like that...

You have given us NO chance to relax and orgasm!

Female Fact About First Time Sex # 4

If you are Amazing in bed the first time we will want a relationship with you or just sex if that's all that we can get!

Every guy (and girl) has seen this kind of relationship. Where the guy is treating the girl terribly (he's a total jerk) but she never leaves him!

It's not because she's addicted to the's because he is so good in bed (starting from the FIRST time) that she FEELS such a strong attraction to him!

You probably know by now that us women are HIGHLY emotional creatures :) If you not only make us orgasm the first time but.....also make us feel a strong "sexual chemistry" and do things that make us feel

safe and connected to you sexually we are yours HOWEVER you want us.

Yes, most women do want to get married but it is nearly impossible for us to leave a guy who rocked our body and mind the first time because of the intense sexual attraction he created. Unfortunately, it gives the guy total control over what our relationship is :( (good news for you, bad news for women)

Female Fact About First Time Sex # 5

99% of Men Use the Wrong Positions (and Techniques) the First Time and Forget What Matters Most!

The first time you are with a woman is extremely different for her than ANY other time you are with her. (if you get a second shot)

For women, we want you to use the positions and techniques and SAY the things that make us have that "sexual chemistry." First time sex for women is NOT about advanced sex positions or you showing off your crazy skills. It is about you getting inside our heads, hearts, and body in the way that forever draws us to you sexually.

For the first time it is all about using the techniques and putting us in the positions that make us feel safe, relaxed, and CONNECTED to you! Then we can orgasm for you...often more than once!

Now that I've spilled the beans on how women think about first time sex I want to share something with you....

How To Get Your New Girl So Comfortable And Into YOU the First Time You have Sex

That You Can Give Her Multiple Orgasms Your First Night in Bed Together (something no other guy has EVER done to her)

I want to reveal a special new friend of mine to you.

Meagan King

Megan is a 22 year old college senior at a MAJOR public university here in Los Angeles.  

She is VERY smart in addition to being very beautiful :) She is also EXTREMELY bisexual in her personal life and has an EXTREMELY active personal sex life with both men and women. (more into men than women though;)  

And here is the most amazing thing, she JUST became a part time adult film star because she loves sex so much!!  

Holy cow, right?! 

After meeting Megan and learning all that about her I KNEW she would be perfect to teach guys how to rock a woman's world the first time in bed. Seriously, with those credentials, she's PERFECT.  

So I set up Megan and a few of her new girlfriends in the adult world to share their secrets of how to blow a girls' mind the FIRST TIME you make love to her. These are the very techniques that Megan uses if she wants to hook up with a girl MORE THAN ONE TIME ! 

Now, because she is tired of being excited about a new male lover and then being very dissapointed the first time (I told you she is VERY sexually active..hehehe :) in bed she is sharing her sex techniques so guys can use them on their girls!

Don't you just love us bisexual girls ;) hehehe 

But I wanted to add in more than that... 

I recruited a very KNOWLEGEABLE male host - Bobby Bradshaw, who you may have seen in my other programs - to take all of Megan's knowledge and sexy instructional dmeonstrations with her girlfriends and ADD the male perspective.  

This way you can learn EVERYTHING:) !  

You get all of Megan's sexy techniques from her personal life with other girls. You discover her first time experiences in the bedroom with guys...PLUS a male host specifically brought in so that you get a guys' perspective too!   

And you still get Megan's full perspective on EVERYTHING too!  

We decided to call it...

 Blow Her Mind The First Time
Secret "First Night" Sex Techniques
To Make A Girl Crazy For You

Censored Photo of Meagan And Krissy
Blow Her Mind The First Time includes 4 exciting programs on 7 DVDs

I asked a lot of guys MANY questions (now you know why I sent you so many surveys! hehehe) to figure out EXACTLY what to put in this program so that any guy could use the information to rock his new lover's mind, heart and body the VERY first time. 

This isn't about giving her one orgasm the first time. It is about giving YOU the the skills you need to make her melt in your arms (yes, the first night) and for her to want to be yours forever. (whether you want that is up to you, but this program gives YOU the choice...)

I do have to tell you one thing though... 

Megan went over board and put EVERYTHING into this program. She said her grades at university suffered and I believe it!  

It is a more comprehensive resource than ANYTHING ever made on first time sex!

Your A-to-Z Guide
To Getting The Girl

Blow Her Mind The First Time isn't just a compilation of sex techniques... it's a complete step-by-step system to getting the girl you want.

You'll discover everything from how to spark attraction and get a date... to getting her excited and interested in you... to taking things to a physical level quickly and easily... to being the BEST your girl has ever had in bed...

This program contains everything you need to have ultimate success with women... whether you're looking to find a great girl and settle down... or have some fun playing the field.

In "Blow Her Mind The First Time", you'll discover

-- The Step-By-Step Method To Getting A Girl From A Date To The Bedroom

-- How To Get Her In The Mood

-- The First Kiss - How To Get It Without Rejection

-- Foreplay Secrets That Make Her Horny For You

-- Sexual Escalation - How To Get Her To Say "Yes"!

-- How To Get Hard, Stay Hard, And Control Your Stamina

-- How To Show Her You're A Pro Who Knows How To Please Her

-- Get Her To Orgasm (Several Different Ways!)

-- Multiple Orgasm Secrets

-- What To Do Immediately After Sex, While Laying In Bed With Her

-- What To Do The Next Day And Over The Next Few Days To Have The Relationship You Want

And that's just the start!

 I want to share with you the 4 programs (over 8 hours of content on 8 high-definition dvds) included in "Blow Her Mind the First Time".....I'm REALLY proud of it and I think you will LOVE it :)  

~ Program #1 ~


Sex Techniques To
Blow Her Mind The First Time
(with demonstrations)

Blow Her Mind The First Time: Sex Techniques
includes 2 exciting DVDs

The first program inside Blow Her Mind The First Time is designed to show you the actual sex techniques to use the first night with a new girl. You will discover advanced foreplay techniques as well as the HOTTEST ways to make love to her the first time.

Megan explicitly demonstrates every hot sex technique with her sexy girlfriends =)

You are also going to discover what positions to use, how long to stay in each, and what you need to say during first time sex to your girl sexually addicted to you.

The main focus of this program is to show you exactly what to do the first time to ROCK YOUR GIRL'S WORLD!

And those are just a few of the erotic new things you'll discover inside. You'll also learn

check How to get your new girl so comfortable and into YOU the first time you have sex that you give her multiple orgasms your first night in bed together! (something no other guy has EVER done with her before)  

check A step-by-step guide to getting her so turned on by you that she begs you to be inside of her!

check 3 secrets to get her relaxed and SPARK CHEMISTRY that double the intensity of your foreplay and sex

check The best TIME to give a girl an orgasm the first time you are with her - and exactly how to do it in a way that GUARANTEES she has an exciting climax

check A simple way to eliminate any nervousness you have BEFORE you get to the bedroom so she sees you as an experienced stud who knows how to please her

check My special, "works everytime" way to give her an orgasm before you have penetration sex (This gets her excited and interested in you even if you DON'T have sex the first night)

check How to connect with a girl on a deep, emotional level... and give her that "soulmate" feeling she has waited her whole life to find (WARNING: Don't do this unless you want to make her your girlfriend or wife)

check Why a lot of guys mess things up by trying to be TOO advanced (I'll show you simple twists on "basic" sex positions that make them way more intense for a gil than any of the fancy stuff... and let her know you're an EXPERT lover the first time you sleep with her)

check The one position you must NEVER use during first-time sex (Sadly most men's magazines tell guys to do this and they are dead wrong!)

check What your girl REALLY wants out of your first sexual encounter (It's NOT what you think.. and understanding just this one thing will give you an almost "psychic" insight on how to please her)

check How long you should wait before you have sex with a girl for the first time

check What SHE is worried about the next day... and the 3 things to do to make sure she wakes up with that warm fuzzy feeling of wanting to see you again!

check The special position that makes you feel a full 2 INCHES bigger and thicker inside of her!

check Exactly what to do AFTER sex to keep her coming back (You'll get the exact words to say the next hour, the next day, and in the days to come to keep her interested and make her addicted to you)

check What SHE is nervous about during first time sex and how to make her feel comfortable and LET LOOSE so you both have a better and more memorable time!

check How to set up your place so a girl feels comfortable and even turned on when she walks in

check What to do to give yourself UNLIMTED CONFIDENCE in the bedroom that gets her excited and helps you perform like a champ! 

check The thing to do IMMEDIATELY upon entering your place to set the stage for naughty times later =)

check The 3 surprising things you must have at your place to make sure your first night goes well

check How to TALK to your girl the first time you are in bed with her (You'll learn the exact words to say to first make her comfortable, intensify the connection, and get her turned on and excited to be with you!)

check The different things you need to say to her if you want to keep things as a casual or if you want to get serious with her and settle down

check How to set things up so you have a fun "friends with benefits" relationship for good times with no strings attached!

check What you must do differently if you're on the "smaller" side down there (It makes NO difference when you do this!)

check How to make her see you as having the "perfect penis"! She'll even TELL YOU it's perfect when you use this psychological trick ;) hehe

check Why you should NEVER masturbate before sex the first time (Doing this instead will help you perform and last longer!)

check How to plan out the 2nd time you get together... and the 3rd... and the 4th! (This technique makes it totally natural for you to start spending more time together and become exclusive if you choose)

**Program Value: $99.95**


~ Program #2 ~


Sexual Escalation Secrets:
How To Go From A Date To
Mind Blowing First-Time Sex
(with demonstrations)

Sexual Escalation Secrets
includes 2 exciting DVD

Your 2nd program covers EVERYTHING from when you meet your girl to getting her totally naked with you inside of her =) After watching this program you will know exactly how to smoothly and naturally sexually escalate your date so that at the end of the night she wants sex from you!

You'll disver everything from when to start physically touching her to the exact sequence to undress her that keeps her comfortable while turning her on. It's all demonstrated for you so do it perfectly the first time you are with a girl.

Here are just a few of the secrets you'll learn:

check My special Accidental Stimulation Trick - a seemingly innocent way to touch a woman that gets her wetter than just about ANYTHING ELSE you could do... all while your clothes are still on! (She'll be tearing yours off after you do this one, trust me ;) )

check The special "seduction sequence" that gets her so turned on she wants to have sex with you THAT NIGHT... even if she had planned on making you wait!

check 4 things you must do during FIRST TIME SEX that you shouldn't do the second time you're together!

check How to READ a woman's mind and body to determine exactly what TYPE of sex she wants (This is SUPER important... all women are different and like different things - this secret tells you her preference so you give her what she longs for with no chance of error)

check The place you should kiss a woman FIRST (it's not the lips!) that gets her excited and ultra-receptive to the rest of your advances

check A HUGE mistake guys make that makes a woman feel like she will be "slutty" if she sleeps with you! (Needless to say if you do this you are NOT gonna get laid!)

check How to make her feel like your naughty little princess and get her EXCITED about doing wild things in bed... even if it's your first time hooking up!

check An area to kiss on her body most guys totally MISS - yet is scientifically proven to increase blood flow to her naughty areas by 73%!

check A technique for escalating things physically that allows for complete control of your "manhood" when you do put your "soldier" inside of her (Use this "last all night" secret to make sure you don't climax before she does)

check How to show her you are a MAN in the bedroom... and make her feel like a woman! (It sounds cheesy but this is THE KEY to getting a woman to open up with you and get wild!)

check The exact moment when she should start touching YOU... and how to initiate it smoothly

check The 2-step technique to getting both of your pants of smoothly (miss this and you risk looking like an inexperienced lover)

check The ONLY graceful way to get a condom and put it on without awkwardness or messing up the moment

check The smoothest way to start having sex and (Here's how to actually "sink your ship" in a way that makes her feel hot and sexy while making YOU look like a pro)

check The foreplay trick that makes her twice as likely to cum during pentration sex!

check 2 unusual ways to stimulate her manually - only known to the most skilled bi-sexual and lesbian women - that give your girl " eyes-rolling-back-in-her-head SCREAMING orgasms (yes, this is possible when you touch her right!) 

check A new way to DOUBLE the speed at which she gets turned on! (This also makes her want to have sex with you twice as soon!)

check How to make her take your clothes off FIRST (when she does you are for sure getting laid that night!) 

check The ONE thing in bed you can never do too much of... yet many guys often FORGET!

check 7 little secrets that - when combined (don't worry, it's easy) - allow you to last 45 minutes or more!

check A simple test that let's you know for 100% SURE if she wants to have sex with you (When you get this "green light" signal it's time to go for it!)

check Why you must WAIT to touch her special spots - Here's exactly how long you should wait and what to do first to prime her for the best sex of her life

check An unusual way to touch her (with your stomach!) that subconciously tells her you are a trusted and SAFE guy to have sex with

check The 3 keys to being "a gentleman" but still having that EDGE that triggers a woman's primal sexual urges

check The FIRST place on a woman's body to make physical contact (Touch her here before you touch her anywhere else or she may freeze up and reject you)

check How to make it feel totally natural to make out with her in public! (This is a surefire way to "claim her" as yours and make sure no other guy tries to touch her)

check What to do if she says "No sex until you are my boyfriend" (and why you NEVER want to say that you will be her boyfriend at that moment) 

**Program Value: $99.95**


~ Program #3 ~


Total Control:
Complete Devotion To You

total control dvd
Total Control: Complete Devotion To You
comes on 1 exciting DVD

This third program is centered around making her completey devoted to you!

It's designed to give the guy more control and decide what type of relationship he would like have. When you use the information in this program you can choose between a solely sexual relationship, a committed relationship, or marriage.

Total Control: Complete Devotion To You combines Megan's sexual knowledge with one of my relationship oriented instructors who has been involved in a STEAMY relationship that has stayed hot for YEARS. You'll discover how to set up a dream relationship that suits YOU and YOUR desires while keeping your girl happy as well =)

You'll also discover:

check Secrets of Sexual Addiction - How to get your girl thinking about you day and night... and even masturbating to thoughts of being with you!

check What to do when you are hanging out with a woman to get her HORNY and thinking about getting it on with you!

check A simple secret - used by all guys who are "naturals" with women - that gets her to chase you! (You'll be amazed at how often women are calling YOU to hang out and even for sex when you do this)

check How to handle the "ex" talk (All women will test you by asking about your past relationships... here's how to pass this crucial test, every time)

check The 3 things to do on your first date that let her know you are a "catch" she needs to land!

check A date idea recommended by many so-called "experts" that practically guarantees you WON'T kiss her!

check How to get a woman very comfortable with you VERY fast (Use this secret to create an intense connection that makes her miss you when you're not around)

check How to get a girl to want a committed relationship with you... whether you're looking for steady dating, or marriage, family and children!

check What you must to differently if you want your relationship to be JUST SEX (Newsflash: We girls like flings too! ;) The key is setting it up right, and now you'll know exactly how)

check A big mistake inexperienced guys make that causes a woman to think he is NEEDY (There is no bigger turn-off than a needy guy so make sure you don't do this!)

check How to find out what she likes to do so you can plan her best date ever!

check How OFTEN you need to have sex with a girl if you want to keep her interested in you

check How to handle it when your girl does something to upset you (Do this to show her you're a MAN and earn her respect so she doesn't do it again)

**Program Value: $79.95**

~ Program #4 ~


Emails, Texting, and Phone Calls
For "Sexual Chemistry"
and Connection

email texting, phone dvd
Secrets Of Sexual Chemisty & Connection
comes on 1 DVD

Many guys are VERY confused when communicating with women. There are so many options these days! In "Emails, Texting, and Phone Calls for "Sexual Chemistry" and Connection you will discover step by step email, text, and phone sequences you can use with a girl to:

- Get her to want to go on a date with you

- Prevent her from flaking

- Get her excited and expecting to have sexual relations with you THAT night!

You'll also discover:

check The 7 deadly mistakes guys make when emailing, texting, or calling a woman that get you put on her "ignore" list!

check Why it's CRUCIAL you meet up with her as soon as possible (Use this tactic to get the date after just a couple of texts... every time!)

check First Phone Call Tricks - How to call her up and get the date without rejection or nervousness =)

check 5 sample texts you can "steal" and send to your girl whenever you want to get her thinking about you in a naughty way!

check The exact amount of time you want the first phone call to last (talk longer than this and she'll think you have no life!)

check The exact sentence to use when asking a woman out over the phone that nearly always gets an enthusistic "Yes"!

check A special text to send AFTER you ask her out via phone that gets her excited about seeing you so you can guarantee she won't flake

check How to use text messages to get her TURNED ON before you meet up with her

check The vocal tone to use when talking to her on the phone or leaving her a voicemail that gets her turned on by the sound of your voice!

check A special way to compliment a woman that makes her melt! (I call this one the "panty dropper" hehehe =) )

check A proven date idea that almost guarantees the two of you will hook up... even if it's your first date and even if she is usually the type to "take it slow"!

check The BEST way to get a woman back to your place after a date

check The "Boomerang Email" - A special email to send a girl who has stopped responding that gets her to write you back INSTANTLY and recharges her interest for you! (Keep this one between us... the main reason it works so well is because it's like nothing she's read before!)

check A special type of date that gets a girl to see you as "boyfriend material" (Only do this with a girl you really like!)

check Why SAFETY, not attraction is so important to women (Do this to make her feel secure with you and eliminate any chance of her flaking!)

check How to mix emails, texts, and phone calls to make a girl SUPER HOT for you! (Use this trick and before you know it she'll be messaging you to hang out)

check A way to create a strong connection BEFORE you meet up so she starts imagining the 2 of you together and seeing you as her boyfriend before you ever even hook up!

check A simple secret to use when emailing a woman for the first time that DOUBLES the chances of her writing back!

check The exact about of time your should WAIT before responding to a message from a woman so you don't come off as "needy"

check How to tell if a girl is looking for a relationship or no-strings-attached sex... and what you must do DIFFERENTLY in each situation

check What to put in the subject line of your emails to get her to open YOURS before the messages from other guys!

check How to get a date with a girl you meet online (If you're interested in dating one of the hotties on your Facebook friend list then this is the way to do it!)

check A funny, flirty text to send her when she is sitting right next to you that makes her want to get sexual with you right away  

check The exact text you should send after the date that makes her want to meet up with you again FAST (Don't be surprised if she starts texting you to hang out when you do this!)

**Program Value: $79.95**


Act Now And Get
2 Special Bonus Programs!

Because I wanted to make Blow Her Mind The First Time a complete A-to-Z guide to getting the girl you want, I've decided to include 2 special bonus programs for the first 300 guys to get it!

Separately these programs will sell for $79.95 and $49.95, but when you act now they are yours FREE with Blow Her Mind The First Time!

The information inside these 2 programs can't be found anywhere else at any price... and I think you'll enjoy it =)

~ Bonus Program #1 ~

How To Turn
A Female Friend Into A Lover

Friend Into Lover
includes 2 exciting DVDs

In this poweful program you will discover how to turn a female friend into a lover =)

If you have a co-worker, friend, or neighbor that you've always had a crush on... this shows you how to turn your relationship from "just friends" to sexual FAST.

Warning: The information in here is intended only for guys who are ok with a SLIGHT bit of tricks =) Nothing bad or unethical... just a few tricks to overcome the "friend zone" impression and get her thinking about you in a SEXUAL way. The 5 proven strategies in these DVDs enable you to get nearly any girl to think about you in a sexual way... then take things to a physical level smoothly and without rejection.


check How to turn a female friend into a lover no matter how long you been friends

check What to do to get a woman to think about you in a sexual way and even FANTASIZE about you!

check How to "test the waters" before you make your move to avoid any chance of rejection

check How to know when a female friend has a crush on you!

check A big mistake guys make when trying to turn a friend into a lover that almost guarantees FAILURE... and ruins the friendship (Sadly, nearly all men who try to take things beyond the friendship level make this mistake because it FEELS like the right thing to do... when in reality all this does is freak her out!)

check How to turn a friendship into a loving, committed relationship

check Your "secret weapon" for getting out of the friend zone (this trick turns the tables on a woman and causes her to INSTANTLY see you as a "catch" she must have!)

check The special strategy to use when your crush has a boyfriend if you want her to leave him for YOU!

check A special strategy to get a hot date with a co-worker

check How to be absolutely sure you never fall into the "friend zone" again! (Use these 3 secrets to make sure every girl you meet from now on sees you as a potential boyfriend or sex partner)

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~ Bonus Program #2 ~

Deep Attraction Online:
Tested Techniques To Get Women From Online To Your Bedroom

deep attraction online
The entire Deep Attraction Online program
is digitally delivered to you instantly online

Did you know that over 85% of single women are online looking for a guy like you?

This program is designed to show you how to get YOUR share of these hot women using simple, "cut and paste" emails and techniques!

Maybe you've considered online dating, or already have a profile and struggle to get the women to meet up. Either way, regardless of whether you are on a regular or adult dating site, Deep Attraction Online shows you the secrets to getting women attracted to you and meeting in real life. This program is delivered instantly online so you can start using the techniques RIGHT AWAY to score dates with cute girls!

In Deep Attraction Online, you'll discover:

How to easy line up 2 to 3 REAL LIFE DATES a week from your online profile with almost zero work on your part! (The secret is setting it up right so the women contact you first... and this program shows you exactly how!)

The secret email subject line that gets a women to open your message FIRST... no matter how many other emails she's gotten that day!

The absolute BEST place to meet up with a woman you've met online (Doing this not only increases her chances of saying "yes"... but allows you to cut things short if she's not as hot as she was in the pictures ;) )

The simple email to send a woman FIRST that practically guarantees she'll respond... and often with her phone number!

How to create a mezmorizing profile that sparks curiosity in a woman so powerful she feels COMPELLED to email you and find out more! (These 3 secrets will have a woman feeling TURNED ON before she even meets you)

The specific photos you must have in your profile if you want to attract SUPER HOT women

How to get a woman thinking about you sexually before you meet her... so when you do meet up she is ready to go!


How to show a woman that you are a "prize" so she starts working for your attention (Don't be surprised if she asks you out FIRST when you do this!

The #1 word to use to make a woman see you as a POWERFUL man

How to “paint” every reader of your profile into a seductive mini-vacation – which gives her the feeling of what it would be like to be with you.


How to use “under the radar,” sensual buzz words that wet her appetite – specifically for you!

How to create a bond with her before you meet her so conversation flows naturally and there are no "awkward" moments

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You Can't Find These Secrets
In Any Other Program, Any Book,
Any Magazine, Or Anywhere Else!

I want to make one thing clear: Blow Her Mind The First Time is not some lame "couples" video with outdated info from the 80's and a bunch of fluff techniques that don't work. It is 100% jam-packed with the REAL secrets of how to get your girl into bed... then ROCK HER WORLD like no one ever has before!

You won't find the techniques in this DVD set anywhere else on the planet. Only the elite group of men who choose to invest in this program will learn this information, and I want YOU to be one of them...

From Anything Else Out There

Blow Her Mind The First Time is COMPLETELY diffferent from any other sex or dating program that has ever been created before, for 3 reasons:

1. It's The First Program Ever To Show You How To Get From Date To The Bedroom!

There are a lot of programs out there on how to pick up girls, but once you've got her, then what?? If you don't know how to make the next move with her, she's not gonna do it for you! And if you can't please her in the bedroom you will lose her!

There is a big MISSING PIECE there and Blow Her Mind The First Time is designed to fill it!

It's the first program ever to show you the specific steps to take to get physical with a woman smoothly and without rejection... then give her orgasm after juicy orgasm once the clothes come off!

And as a side effect, you'll pick up a lot more girls because of the newfound confidence you gain once you know with absolute certainty that YOU know exactly what to do with her once you've got her ;)

2. It's The First Program Ever To Focus On First Time Sex!

Ok, I think you know by now that the first time you have sex with a woman is THE MOST IMPORTANT TIME! Blow Her Mind The First Time is the first program ever to focus on first time sex techniques! There is no other place out there where you can learn the right words to say to a woman to make the first time go smoothly, the specific positions to use to make her feel excited yet comfortable... and how to absolutely GUARANTEE she gets off!

Blow Her Mind The First Time was created for one reason - to make sure that when your girl talks to her girlfriends the day after you get together she is RANTING and RAVING about how amazing you were in bed!

Once you ace the first time in bed with a woman she'll be YOURS whenever and however you want... and this program is the ONLY PLACE that shows you how to do just that!

3. It's The First Program Ever To Show You How To Have The Relationship YOU Want!

In Blow Her Mind The First Time, you'll not only discover how to get a girl to want to have a relationship with you... but the psychological strategies that allow YOU to decide what type of relationship it is!

Whether you are looking for a girlfriend, a wife, or just someone to have a fun fling with once in awhile, Blow Her Mind will show you exactly what to say and do to get YOUR desired outcome. It's the only program ever that shows you how to have TOTAL CONTROL with women - something that almost no other guys in the world know how to do! And how to have this control while keeping your girl happy and satisfied =) Because that's what it's really all about!

Blowing Her Mind The First Time
Has NOTHING To Do With
Your "Size" Or Stamina!

I want to clear one thing up right now that I know guys sometimes think about...

A big myth guys have is that you have to be huge, or be able to last forever to please a girl in bed.


In fact, if you ask any girl if she wants to date a guy who is huge "down there", she'll say NO... because it hurts! Unless your girlfriend is a porn star, she's not used to getting it from a guy who is big. Don't let the movies fool you! And it also starts to hurt if the guy goes too long!

Don't get me wrong, we don't like a 2-pump chump either. But if a guy can't last long enough to give us an orgasm through penetration, he better know how to give us one manually! (Luckily it's much easier)

With the techniques you get in Blow Her Mind The First Time, you'll have the ability to give any girl an orgasm that you wish... whether you've known her for years... or it's your very first time hooking up.

You'll also discover exactly what to say and do if you do encounter a problem with your "little soldier" down there so that it's not an awkward situation and it's not a big deal. We girls know this stuff happens once in awhile... it's HOW THE GUY DEALS WITH IT when it does happen that makes all the difference. And while I hope it never happens to you, this program will show how to create a psychological "safety net" just in case =)

How To Know If
"Blow Her Mind The First Time"
Is Right For You

While the techniques in Blow Her Mind The First Time will improve any guy's "game" with the ladies, it is definitely NOT for everybody.

If you're not comfortable watching explicit demonstrations of sex techniques it is definitely not for you.

And if you're the type of guy who's had sex with dozens of different women and knows exactly how to get them from a date to the bedroom without rejection or nervousness, then you probably don't need it.

On the other hand, there are some guys out there for whom this program will be LIFE CHANGING... serious!

Here are the type of guys for which Blow Her Mind The First Time will benefit the most:

- If you've ever found yourself getting nervous when thinking about having sex with a new woman... and possibly even avoiding it

- If you've ever had a girl that lost interest in you after just 1 date

- If you aren't that experienced with women and want to know how to get physical with her smoothly and without rejection

- If you've ever had an "awkward moment" with a woman in the bedroom and want to make sure it NEVER happens again

- If you are pretty experienced with women, but would like to get to the level where she sees you as the ULTIMATE STUD

- If you're looking to find a great girl to settle down with and you want to be absolutely sure she wants you too

- If you want to have more sex with lots of women

- If you want to gain the type of confidence that makes women magnetically attracted to you

- If you'd like to start dating models, actresses, or other SUPER HOT girls that only settle for the best men!

- If you want to be absolutely certain that you are the BEST your girl has ever had in bed

If you said, "yes" to any of these things, then Blow Her Mind The First Time was created specifically for YOU!

A New Sense Of

Blow Her Mind The First Time also has an interesting side effect that I think you'll find pretty neat =)

One of the most fascinating things you'll discover upon going through this program is how many more women you begin to attract when you know you can please them in the bedroom like no other guy can.

Let me explain:

Did you know that studies have shown women are 10 TIMES more intuitive than men?


What that means is that if you're NERVOUS about getting physical with a woman, she can sense it.

Not only when it comes time for lovin... BUT IN THE FIRST INTERACTION WITH HER!

Just like a dog can smell fear, we girls get a "gut feeling" when we meet a guy about whether or not he's gonna be good in bed.

If this feeling is "off", this ALONE is enough to make her LOSE INTEREST in you.

So if you're having trouble getting dates in the first place... or in keeping girls interested in you... OR if a lot of girls you want to be with sexually see YOU as "just a friend", there is a very good chance this is why.

On the upside, it's easy to fix!

Once you get Blow Her Mind and learn these techniques, your confidence skyrockets JUST BECAUSE YOU KNOW FOR CERTAIN YOU CAN PLEASE A WOMAN!

You'll start attracting more women and hotter women right away - before you even put the techniques to use - and you won't even have to try.

Women are drawn to your newfound confidence and power, and you just pick and choose which ones you want.

It really is that simple once you have the ability to give a woman this type of sexual experience... and I want you to see it for yourself...

Here's What You're Going To Get...


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 Blow Her Mind The First Time:
Sex Techniques
2-DVD Program

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Sexual Escalation Secrets
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Total Control:
Complete Devotion To You
1-DVD Program
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Secrets Of Sexual Chemistry & Connection
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Friend Into Lover
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Deep Attraction Online
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Blow Her Mind The First Time

Complete 7 DVD Course + Bonuses

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How much would it be worth to you if the secrets inside this program allowed you to get the girl of your dreams?



I don't know about you, but for most guys I know, even FINDING a great girl is rare.

And there is no worse feeling in the world than finally finding that special someone... and having her lose interest in you.

On the other hand... there is no better feeling than meeting that special girl... and having her be the one to want to have a relationship with you!

It's the best feeling in the whole world, really =)

I created Blow Her Mind The First Time to guarantee you do just that - get the girl of your dreams... and make her fall madly in love with you.

For most people, that is priceless.

But because I want to help as many men as possible get the amazing girls they want, I've decided to price this program at just $399.95.

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Because I want to make this investment a total "no-brainer" for you, with Blow Her Mind The First Time I make you 2 exciting guarantees:

Guarantee #1: Watch these exciting DVDs, then try out the techniques for going from the date to the bedroom with your girl. If for any reason at all you are unable to smoothly seduce her without rejection, simply return the program any time within ONE FULL YEAR of your purchase for a full, no-questions asked refund. The 2 bonus Friend Into Lover DVDs and the Deep Attraction Online program are yours to keep for giving Blow Her Mind The First Time a fair try..

Guarantee #2: Watch these exciting DVDs, and use the techniques for giving your girl a MIND-BLOWING sexual experience. If afterwards she's not totally and completely sexually addicted to you (trust me, you'll know!) simply return the program any time within the next year for a full, no-questions-asked refund, and keep the bonus DVDs and Deep Attraction Online program for your time.

Why am I giving you one full year to try this stuff out? Because I realize you might not have found that special girl yet. And you might not meet her tomorrow or the next day, but you WILL meet her. And when you do, the tips and techniques inside this program will make her yours.

On the other hand, if you meet her and DON'T know this stuff, you risk losing the girl of your dreams. I don't want you to have to take that chance - your love life isn't worth the gamble...

So click this link to try out
Blow Her Mind The First Time
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Your Privacy Is
My Number 1 Priority!

When you click on the order button, you'll go to a secure order page for your credit card information (You can also order by phone if you choose.)

Your transaction is secure—using our secure server, your order information is transmitted using the latest SSL encryption technology to ensure complete and total privacy and security. The transaction will be discreetly billed to you as 'ISN Education' with our toll-free U.S. phone number included.

The whole process takes just a few minutes and you'll receive your package in just a few business days - everything discreetly packed and shipped in PLAIN PACKAGING for your privacy (the address label will say, "ISN Education" as well). Even the DVDs themselves simply say "B.H.M.F.T. " on the front so no one can tell what's inside.

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Get Her
Sexually Addicted To You
After Just One Date!

After going through Blow Her Mind The First Time just once, you'll know the secrets to ace'ing the first date with a woman... turning her on... getting her into bed... and rocking her world!

And once you do that, everything else falls into place on it's own.

You'll notice:

    • Your girl is TOTALLY into you... no matter how many other guys hit on her... she never even LOOKS at another man

    • She is now the one calling and texting YOU to get together and hang out

    • She asks you to have sex... and wants sex all the time!

    • You no longer have to worry about trying to impress her with fancy dates... as long as she is with you, she is happy no matter what you are doing

    • She becomes more adventurous in the bedroom, doing whatever she can to please you and wants to try new things

    • She begins sees you as her "alpha male"... the best possible man she could ever want

    • She loves you unconditionally for YOU... not for your money, car, or job... and even overlooks any other mistakes you might make because she knows you're the man for her

It really is amazing just how much we girls value the first impression we get from a guy.

You can only make it once... so you have to make it count.

Make sure you blow your girl's mind the first time you hang out with her... and you'll be amazed as just how smoothly everything else comes together.

It's not hard to do... and I want to show you how.

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You... and your girl... will be very glad you did:

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Your Friend,

Shawna Lenee

Shawna Lenee

P.S. In Blow Her Mind The First Time, you'll get the secrets to smoothly going from a date to the bedroom with a girl, then how to give her incredible, mind-blowing orgasms the very first time you are together! The program comes with a ONE-YEAR, money-back guarantee - if you are ever unsatisfied for any reason simply send it back for a full refund, with no questions asked and no hassles. I'm that confident these techniques will transform your sex life like they have for so many other men and I want to prove it to you!

P.P.S. A wise man once said everything that we have in life is a direct result of the choices that we make and don’t make.

I think it's the choices we don’t make that are the ones that really matter. I don’t think you ever hear anybody sitting in a nursing home at 80 years old talking about the mistakes of the things that they did do in their life!

It’s always the regrets of the things that they didn’t do that sadden them and depress them in their old age.

Are you ready? Are you going to regret later that you didn’t take action? That you didn’t do something? That you didn’t take a chance? That you didn’t roll the dice?

Come on. Make something happen for yourself in your life! Be proactive. Be positive and take action. Grow a spine. Be a man. Do the right thing. Let's get started!

Am I pushing you? You bet! I'm going to push you because I know 97 bucks doesn’t matter to you in the grand scheme of things one way or the other. You'll spend that kind of money on 3 dates out.

What DOES matter is that you go out and take action. That you do things in your life that make life interesting and exciting again... and that's what I've created this program to help you do.

Click the order button now, and come join me for an amazing sex life. I promise you, you'll be happy you did.

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If you have any questions, just send an email to and I'll write you back fast!

*** DVDs feature explicit, hardcore demonstrations. Must be 18 or older to order.***